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Oklahoma: Teenagers Finds Human Leg Bone With Shoe Still Attached

A group of Oklahoma teenagers was exploring the woods near a north Tulsa creek around 8 p.m. on Monday when they suddenly came upon the skeletal remains of a human leg. 

The Sergeant Tim Lewandowaski told that the recent rain had likely swept the body downstream to the stormwater sewer where it had then landed.

On seeing the skeletal remains of the human leg the teens had reported to their parents who in return reported the matter to the Tulsa Police Department.

The Officers who had searched the entire area or region had also found a human skull nearby to the location where the human leg was found. The Officers said that they were not sure how much longer the body had been there or if it was there for a whole time there in the woods. It might always have come from some other directions. Later on, after investigation, the Police said that the skeletal remains did not show any signs of trauma. The Medical Examiner’s Office was also called in to examine and process the scene.

After investigation, it was likely made clear that the unidentified victim likely had died a while ago based on the state of decomposition of the body parts that remained in the woods. The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office is examining the remains of the body in details to identify the victim and to figure or reason out the cause of death that has occurred.

Source – Fox News

On further examination, it was found out that the partial skull that was found in the woods had only a tooth left. This statement was made by Officer Jeanne Pierce of the Tulsa Police Department.

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