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Pistol Whip Or Blood And Truth, Who Is The Best In AR Segment?

Blood and Truth

Blood and Truth is the hell of a masterpiece in PSVR segment. In Blood & Truth, you play as Ryan Marks, the ex-military son of a massive international business tycoon.  After the death of your father, You’re called back home and have to against on rival businessman from trying to overtake what your family has built.

The game is totally a masterpiece and full of action, However, it implies the basic to basic shooting and based on stealth. So you can hide and kill your enemies in quick seconds.

Pistol Whip

Cloud Games masterpiece gives you the chill of John Wick while Playing. The Game is regarded as the best in shooting VR games as the gameplay seems so exciting. The player should terminate everyone in his path and even dodged the bullets to protect yourself from the enemy.

The game is more focused on action and environments as the danger is always imminent. As the trailer shows that mechanics are more focused on movements rather than shooting. The game will release soon and exclusive on PS systems.

However, there are many alternatives in the VR segment but Pistol Whip more user-oriented.

Comparative Analysis

Now if we talking about the graphics then Blood and truth is miles ahead in comparison of Pistol Whip. However, the gameplay is on level terms as both features uniqueness in their gameplay. Blood and Truth is also focused on stealth whereas Pistol Whip more depended on reflexes.

But we have to choose one as best in two, so we go for Blood and Truth for a unique experience.

Note: This is the Gameplay Based Comparison, different opinions varied according to choices.

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