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FaceApp: The Filters Have Changed But The Privacy Policy Is Still The Same, Things You Should Know Before Installing It On Your Device

The huge fan following of another app is too high in today’s time, people have become obsessed with the new app called FaceApp which is basically an app that helps you put filters on your pictures to make you look 10 years younger or 40 years older, this app also can change your gender in pictures and highly popular among the Millenials. This app became the top app on the App store in one week of it being recognized, Celebrities started posting a filtered picture of themselves it caught the trends from there.

But how do we know that this app is safe to download, with the high popularity that this app has got the most common question arisen with this is about the privacy policy of the app and whether it secures the data of its users or not?. Some people also came out to say that the App directly once downloaded gets the access to the library of the person and can access all the picture, however, we have no evidence regarding as of yet but we cannot be super sure either because this app has been in the market for a long time and suddenly gained popularity.

FaceApps privacy policy doesn’t give us an accuracy that it does not alter with our data, the policy says “that it collects location information and information of their users” and also have access to their browsing history. this app also gives out all the information about the websites the person visits and sends back them to there servers.

This app doesn’t look very safe to use and we would advise everyone to thoroughly read all the privacy-related terms and conditions of the app before installing.


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