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Golden G Wants Tom Holland To Steal Zendaya Ftom Him! Peter Might Lose His MJ Now

The widespread confusion that started after twitter started with the new pattern of #TomHollandBetterPrayUp.

Many people online don’t even know what the hashtag is really about, however, they have from time to time favoured the account during the promotion and release of Marvel movies like the recent one spider-man: far from home, for a really long time people assumed that this hashtag is just made by people who like Zendaya and Tom as a couple but well let me tell you it has some truth.

Okay, so the hashtag if elaborated comes up as a lyrics and that show how the spiderman actor Tom would steal Zendaya away, it goes like “I could make the purpose of Zendaya, Tom Holland higher pry up”, and for everyone that hasn’t heard of Golden G, his true identity is Gerome Nash, he’s a hip hop artist from Toronto. half of the posts on this account are about solving out the big equation of the hashtag that it comes with and another half of them are filled with how Golden G thought he can sweep away Zendaya from Tom.
If anyone out there cares about Golden G even after twitter has helped Tom in each and every way to let Zendaya know about his feelings, Tom hasn’t really taken a stand in revealing if Zendaya and Tom are yet a couple or not, the rumors of them dating have been going around for a really long time and we have never got a confirmation from either of the two.

Neither of the two has as of yet said anything about the viral hashtag too, but we hope to hear from them soon.

Source: YouTube

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