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Thanos Standalone Movie Can Be Marvel’s Biggest Phase 4 Project, Here Are The Possibilities

The Avengers Endgame is considered to be the best MCU movie ever. Endgame, however, is also one of the best films ever produced by the Marvel cinematic universe. The film’s storyline, together with the characters ‘ vulnerability make the film epic. One person has won the hearts of all the MCU fans, the great evil Thanos.

The titan Thanos is more brutally angry and in the endgame his combat style was fierce. People can spoil the Endgame as much as they want because “I’m the hero, even dead.”

In one single period, the crazy powerful titan had wiped half the population off. Because he was a villain, Thanos is still considered one of the world’s iconic comic book villains. The issue, however, is not that he deserves consideration.

Thanos ‘ future in MCU is currently not clear. Thanos had little time in the Guardians of Galaxy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the character played a huge part later in both the Avengers Infinity War and the endgame. There are no data about the past life of Thanos, however, and even young Thanos ‘ intentions are not evident.

Thanos is only known by individuals that he intended to wipe out half of the universe.

The Russo Brothers have said that a ten minute cut showing the life of the youthful Thanos had already been curated. The brief video shows why Thanos intends to wipe away half of the world. In addition, one more agreement with the MCU remains for Josh Brolin. There’s also something epic for the fans if MCU chooses to curate a Thanos stand alone film.

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