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Yogscast CEO Mark Turpin Steps Down After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Mark Turpin’s departure came to light just in less than two weeks after Yogscast dropped Mathew “Caff” Meredith, who was also accused of sexual harassment. 

CEO of a media company, The Yogscast has stepped down from his role at the company amidst ongoing sexual harassment allegations. Mark ‘Turps’ Turpin has been the company CEO since 2012. He is also the director of the company of game code distribution platform Keymailer.

Multiple accusations against Mark Turpin began to surface on Twitter soon after Meredith’s dismissal. Among all the accusations there were also screenshots of Mark Turpin where he attempted to solicit inappropriate photos from young girls across Snapchat and Instagram. Both accounts that are in question are solely run over and operated by Turpin himself. It is also stated that one of the individuals of sexual harassment was under the age of 18 years. 

Yogscast’s founder Lewis Brindley asked fans for their stories if they had any negative experience with any member of staff of the Yogscast. The announcement was made by Mark Turpin himself on the Yogscast subreddit. Turpin said all that because the company had expected the highest levels of professionalism from their talents and therefore he needs to be held to those standards too.

He admitted all the allegations and said that he had sent the inappropriate messages to several members of their community and was deeply embarrassed about what he did. There were no justifications that he could give for his actions. He also added that he was in a position of responsibility and everyone deserved much better cooperation from him. He asked for all the wrong deeds he had done.


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