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Game Of Thrones Pequel: Title Still In Major Doubt But Filming Starts!

Game of Thrones ends with a pack full of mysteries left behind it. The ending was not satisfactory and too much unexpected with the plot. Game of Thrones regarded as the best until the final season arrived and it destroyed the hype which developed by past seasons.

But now it is reported that prequel of the show is on its way and now fans can rely on it as it will directly be produced by R.R Martin itself.

What Will be the title of the Prequel?

Now the main concern is about the title of the prequel, It is rumored as Bloodmoon or The Long Night. The long night was also the name of Episode 3 of the final season. so the chances of the show being named upon an episode would be a bad idea, so it could be Bloodmoon for sure.


It is reported that the filming for the show is already in the procedural schedule. So the project is in development and hit the screens hopefully very soon. The filming took place in Belfast, Ireland.

Release Date

However, the release date of the show is not revealed yet. But the expected release date of the show could be next year, the same as Game of Thrones.


Recently¬† Naomi Watts as a lead character. She will play a mysterious character having a dark secret. And that’s all we know about her character, as everything else is still a secret now.

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