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Google Stadia: Latest Move Of Game Offer Could Be A Game Changer!

Everybody in the gaming world knows that Google Stadia will be a game-changer for sure. But its latest move assures that it really wants to kill the competition.

What’s the Plan?

Google Stadia only works on the principle of streaming game services. it will be a revolution if used properly and in the continuation. The latest move by the Google Stadia will be more efficient as it will provide a free game with the pro plan of the service.

The Pro Subscribers get 4K/HDR streaming 5.1 and exclusive discounts on some games. The real deal is Google Stadia will offer one free game for the pro subscribers. if this could really happen then it’s a lethal weapon to change the whole gaming scenario forever. Users can get a free game after the streaming process in regulations.

Google Stadia will smoothly run on the basis of Cross-platform gaming. So simple it doesn’t matter whether you are on a pc or a chrome cast. You will get your opponents and companion in the same go.

So it already killing the competition with the Cross-platform and providing a free game with a 10$ subscription. Earlier Games are meant to play on a purchase basis as a user bought the game and play it. But with the impact of this Subscription services users can enjoy benefits over a period of time. This move will be disaster or boon for the users if prices will consider correctly for the gamers around the world. Or Else it’s the worst decision to be ever made for the development of the gaming industry.

Sarthak Gaur
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