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How To Use 4K Projector?

Since the introduction of 4K projectors back in 2013, it has enjoyed an undisputable success. Consumers have swarmed in towards this magnum opus creation of modern technology due to its high resolution (HD) as well as wide and better color reproduction that seems more realistic. However, a 4K projector requires some special treatment while using to get better performance. Therefore, we bring this special edition of us on how to use a 4K projector to get the best out of it.

Ultimate guideline on how to use the 4K projector

A projector isn’t a plug-in and usesa home appliance. If you want the beast like performance from your 4K projector you need to follow some user guideline.

Proper location

A 4K projector needs space for the proper projection of HD+ quality images. We recommend you to use a high-quality video screen or a blank wall possibly closest to white color. It is a norm that the bigger the projector screen will be, the bigger the image will be. However, a bigger screen requires more space. Therefore you need to place your projector in a distance, and in this case, a ceiling-mounted projector is the best option. Luckily, ceiling mounted ones are usually the cheapest 4K projector available in the market.

Setting up the screen

Most experts preferably recommend using a screen to get the best quality images and we aren’t an exception to it. Unlike the walls, a properly functioning screen provides a blank surface without the intervention of any switch on it. It does not only amplifies the image but also reflects the projector light better compared to a wall. It ensures bright images on the screen and makes to look soothing in the eyes.

Finding the appropriate height

It comes with three different options.

  • Ceiling mounted projectors
  • A projector mounted on a table front-facing
  • Rear configured projection (rarely used)

However, the process to find the right height is the same for the three systems. Projectors usually line up just above the edge in the bottom. It roughly falls in the middle of a lens. Therefore, to get the right height a small tool or ceiling mounting with the proper angle is mandatory. The easiest way to find the ideal height is to look at the screen. If your projection aka image looks perfectly squared, congrats, you have to find the sweet spot.


Now carefully plug in the gear or gadget that you want to use with your 4K projector. Usually, we connect Blu-ray player or cable box. Nonetheless, if you are going to use an HDMI connection make sure the cable reaches both the projector and source gear.

The best HDMI cables

You must remember that 4K projectors aren’t supported by every HDMI cables. The best HDMI cables according to our findings should have these features-

Authorization Version Features Recommendation
Standard 1.4 Doesn’t support 4K N/A
High Speed 2.00 Supports HDR Strong recommendation
Super High Speed Not Available On test Premium choice when available

Things you need to enjoy 4K resolution video

It is pretty simple. You will require-

  • 4K projector
  • The 4K player known as Blu-ray player
  • UHD 4K discs
  • HDMI 2.0 cable

Picture option

Likewise the TVs., projectors come with different picture mode. We recommend you using the ‘Cinema’ or ‘Movie’ mode to get the best quality images.

Concluding sentences

That’s all. Now switch off the light, seat on the comfier with a packet of popcorn and enjoy your favorite show. So, which show you are going to watch tonight? Can you recommend one for me?

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