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Taylor Swift Turns Herself To A ‘Cat’ Musical First Trailer See Here

Oh my god, the Cats movie trailer is here and well let’s just give each other a minute to take in everything that is going on in it. The Cats movie is a musical-turned into a feature film starring Taylor Swift, we all know the obsession of Taylor with cats is real. She has a lot of cats at home and she absolutely loves them but this trailer has taken some other turn altogether. She will be playing Bombalurina in the movie as far as we know.

Taylor recently posted her first look in the movie on twitter and we all are shocked at the artistry that is going on in the video, it is captioned as “I am a cat now and somehow that was everything #CatsMovie”, this movie something that the fans would have never imagined, its unique and starring Taylor it has definitely got some great music and the whole cat worlds seems like a very interesting concept.

Due to the technology advancement, we can see all characters have become cats, here we have a behind the scenes video for all of you with the actual actors without their cat looking like overdo.

We will also see Jason Derulo and Jennifer Hudson in the movie and fans are already excited about it, Taylor wanted to be theatrical and to tell a story to people in the form of dance and music and that is exactly what you will come across in the movie being a musical it will be very fun and light-hearted.

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