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‘The End Is Inevitable’ Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick’s First Trailer Is Lit And Explosive

Maverick landed! The long-awaited “Top Gun: Maverick“‘ trailer has been here lastly teasing the return of Tom Cruise to his fan-like position as a hotshot fighter pilot, ready to rumble in action.

All the elements in the trailer — thrill, drama, action, and humour to hold the filmmakers onto the screens. The film follows the film ‘ Top Gun,’ which was hit in 1986. Cruise shared his twitter address with the fascinating video.

The trailer for 2 minutes 12 seconds opens with amazing visuals of Maverick’s character, coming home to the cockpit and racing across salt flats.

The new trailer is full of thrill, drama, hustle and bustle scenes. It displays also many pictures of the personality of Cruise jetting in stony landscapes and mountain ridges. It also has quite dramatic shots.

“30 plus years service, combat medals, quotes-you can’t get a promotion, but you don’t retire and in spite of the hard work you don’t want to die,” says a high-ranking official performed in a trailer by Harris.

Return to more flight scenes and sequences of action. The next thing to see is an aircraft carrier with aircraft dotting the big boat.

Harris lectures Maverick: “You should be a two-star admiral at least now, but here you are a captain, what’s that.”

“This is a mystery of life, sir,” tells the character of Cruise, looking as ever young. The star again can be seen with his Maverick helmet on his plane as he starts with other jets around him from the aircraft carrier.

The movie was directed by Joe Kosinski, Peter Craig’s, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer’s script. The next Cruise and Skydance CEO David Ellison has also been made by Jerry Bruckheimer, who made his first film with the late Don Simpson.

The film is set today but it feels like the late filmmaker Tony Scott’s project from the’ 80s. Fighter pilots continue with their dealings with drone technology, which makes their ancient flying style outdated.

The screens of Top Gun: Maverick is scheduled to strike on 26 June 2020.

Source – GQ

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