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A Guide To Keeping Your Inbox Safe Today

Email is the basic target for the attackers or interceptors as the email communicates with personal information. There are different types of encryptions are there that can be used for the emails.

Here are some useful tips to keep your Inbox Safe today:

Email threats:

Email security is categorized into two main heads such as protecting against attacks and protecting against interception. Email threats are considered as one of the biggest risk to organizations worldwide. Hacking attacks today begins with some kind of email phishing attack or spearing phishing threats. The cost of email threats of a company is enormous.

Email security requires superior technology that can adapt to meet the most sophisticated attacks. Phishing is one of the fraudulent communications which makes a large portion of emails filtered into the spam. In this case, phishing asks you to provide personal information such as bank account, phone number, and other routing information. Vancouver based tech entrepreneur Thierry Levasseur and other innovators are working hard to improve the functionality and security of today’s e-mail communications. Thierry LeVasseur has focused a large part of his career in digital security, having secured several different patents in the areas of email security and data protection.

Inbox threats:

Most of the threats target the inbox. The inbox is not specific to the mail an attacker can use any means of communication through the inbox. Email is a large target for phishing schemes and fraud. Most of the modern applications are doing a good job of protecting the user from the attacks. It is very important to follow the spam folder that the email application has. In this case, the rules applied to spam are continuous gets stronger.

Inbox threats are delivery mechanisms for other fraudulent activity such as installing malware on the machine or stealing account credentials. Inbox threats can be aimed at the masses but there are targeted phishing schemes which result in a man in the middle attacks.

Transit threats:

A middle attack is a form of attack in which a third party spies on the information passing between two parties. There will be someone in the middle of your communication stealing that passes between. A middle attack can lead to spear phishing which is targeted to communication.

Man in the middle is where an attacker sets their machine as a proxy between the connections. In this case, if an email is sending to someone it will first go the attacker’s machine.

Transport layer Encryption:

START TLS is one of the most common encryption protocol used for the email. When two parties cannot verify each other’s certificate this causes the encrypted connection to fail. Mandatory certificate verification is not ideal for email the verification will fail and the email will not be sent. Some emails would send without a problem while others would take multiple attempts and some would not send at all. This type of encryption takes place in the transport layer. In this case, the users do not need to do anything to encrypt or decrypt the communication.

Protecting the Email:

Browser-based clients are using TLS to send the message this will be enough for an individual. Businesses will consider the end to end encryption but it starts with securing with TLS. You can test if the email service is using TLS by using a tool like a check TLS.

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