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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Everything You Should Know About The Game

If you are a Dragon Ball-Z fan then you must aware of the epic battle between Frieza and Goku. Dragon Ball Kakarot, which was known as Dragon Ball Project Z, is an action RPG.

Announcement Trailer


Expected Release Date

However, the scheduled release date is 2020, but the specific month and date are still not revealed yet. It is expected that the game could arrive in early 2020.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will give you nostalgic feelings of the epic battles in Dragon Ball Z. It will take you down to the memory lanes where all the major events of Dragon Ball Z happened. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot basically features the Goku episode of being Saiyan for the first time, when his friends killed by Evil Frieza. His first fight with Vagetta is also on board.


The gameplay of Dragon Ball Z: kakarot is more of an eyeball grabber than the previous versions of Dragon Ball Z games.  The huge difference between previous versions of Dragon Ball Z games and Kakarot is simple that previous games based on single player. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is more of a companion based, in the gameplay it is clear that character switch is available for the game. Conversations between the character are better and above all, there is no such difference in terms of graphics in real gameplay and cutscenes. So Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will live up to the expectations of the fans and could be the best game of the franchise.

Comparison with Jumpforce?

Jump force is the paradox of Naruto Universe and Dragon Ball Z universe so, the comparison is worthless. However, if we talk about Dragon Ball Z segment then Jumpforce also lagging behind as the game was not up to the mark of DBZ standards.


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