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The 100′ Stars Eliza Taylor And Bob Morley: See The Complete Dating Timeline

Every fan of 100 waited for a long time so that Clarke Griffin and Blake meet romantically at the end. However, it only remained as desires. The actors Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley who played the roles of Clarke and Bellamy respectively have just recently announced that they are married. It was quite one of the surprising news for all the fans out there. 

The couple took a photo with their engagement rings on their respective ring fingers. Eliza Taylor posted a photo on Twitter on Saturday informing all of their fans and viewers that she married her best friend and asked all the fans and viewers to keep their comments harsh free and to be friendly and respect their privacy since their big day. Later on Morley in his commentary on Twitter, he too published the request to everyone for keeping away off harsh comments and be kind and respectful to the bond they share.

The pair announced their wedding with sweet and loving gestures on social media. The pic posted by Taylor did not have any of their faces, but it was noticed that the bride was wearing a white lace gown, while the groom looked astonishing in a blue dress shirt and dark slacks.

It is undoubtedly quite tricky on our parts to understand as to when ==precisely the duo tied the knot or even when they started dating each other or seeing each other. The couple has always been calm and composite about their relationship. They never came public about their relationship until they got married.

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