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Tom Holland And Zendaya Dating Rumors End With Tom Holland Now Dating Olivia Bolton, Details Inside

Tom Holland was seen and spotted with his mysterious girlfriend in the early dates of July. They were seen a hand in hand while they attended the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London. The pair were seen cuddling and engaging in PDA while watching The Black Eyes Peas and Robbie Williams perform at the festival.

Fans who had always thought that the on-screen couple of Spider-Man: Far From Home, would be dating in real life too had to hear the news with a broken heart. Unlike the Tom and Zendaya fans, Zendata herself might have felt a bit disheartening on learning about Tom Holland’s relationship with the mysterious blonde woman.

Later, when it had seen in details regarding the mysterious blonde woman, it was recognised to be Olivia Bolton, who is Tom Holland’s girlfriend now. According to sources, it has learned that Tom and Olivia had been family friends, and they have been together since childhood. Though they have known each other since childhood, it took them time to realise the bond and connection between them. All of their family and friends undoubtedly think that both of them would make a lovely couple.

Olivia had made her Instagram private as she was not one of the socialising people and did not want to publicise anything right away at the moment. Tom Holland follows her on Instagram irrespective of her account is private. She is not at all interested in the social media attention, and all other issues of negatives comment that she would have to face from people who believed that she might have come between Zendaya and Tom Holland as people expected them to be in a relationship and not Olivia. She was not used to such kind of celebrity attractions.

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