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Mom Kim Basinger Respons To Ireland Baldwin’s New Steamy Instagram Photo, Details Inside

Ireland Baldwin has posted another steamy picture on her Instagram profile which delighted the fans. The post which was posted on 21st of July portrayed a stunning blonde stretched out on the bed completely nude. Apart from all the fans that showered their delightedness, Kim Basinger who is 65 years old was not at all delighted by the post shared by Ireland.

Ireland Baldwin shared a picture of the late actress Romy Schneider lying on the bed naked with her backside been shown with the caption Mood. Many fans believed truely that the woman in the picture who was lying nude was Ireland herself. Even her mother, Kim Basinger freaked out in the comment section thinking it to be her daughter’s picture.

Her mother gave an aggressive reaction with questions like—What? Where? Who? It’s your mom. Kim Basinger who was 65 years old with a red mad face emoji.

However, Ireland Baldwin was quick enough to respond to her mother’s comment. She clarified by stating the fact that the girl in the picture was not her. Everyone simply misunderstood the factor. She juts casually shared the picture of Romy on her Instagram.

Source – Fox News

Many celebrities supported her mother and wrote that she was giving her parents heart attacks. She was beautiful and talented so there was no need to seek negative attention by posting vulgar stuff over social media. Another one later added that she was simply screaming and in search for attention but there were even other ways to achieve it.

Though the photo was not of Ireland still many of the followers thought it was nothing impossible cause she liked to post pictures revealing her body and figure in sultry ways.

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