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Trump Is Willing To Pay ASAP Rocky’s Bail On His Own But Sweden Doesn’t Care About This, Details Inside

Rakim Mayers aka ASAP Rocky who is a hip-hop star had been detained in Sweden since the 3rd of July. Police investigated his alleged involvement in a street fight. According to the police and the rapper the brawl had taken place just before the rapper’s performance at Smash festival in Stockholm with footage of the incident spreading all across the internet spreading sensations.

President Donald Trump in his tweets confirmed on Saturday that he has offered to Sweden’s Prime Minister to personally vouch for the bail of the rapper, A$AP Rocky. This all took place after Kim Kardashian West contacted his administration about his detention there. Donald Trump said that he would look into the continued matter after Kanye West contacted his administration.

With the President’s help, the reality star had commuted the prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson in the month June back in 2018. This was the second time when she sought the help of the President, Donald Trump for the bail of A$AP Rocky from Sweden.

Source – Axios

However, on the other hand, the Swedish investigation team is all strict and have 25th July until which they can complete their investigation into the alleged A$AP Rocky assault. The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven has not yet commented or made any statement on A$AP Rocky’s arrest and bail post on social media. The Swedish Law has a system of no bail and therefore they follow a strict principle of law and justice.

The press secretary of Löfven, Toni Eriksson said that Trump’s call was friendly and respectful and assured that the rapper would receive a fair trial. Löfven even said that in Sweden everyone was equal in front of the law and the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings.

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