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Gather Your 90’s Nostalgia, ‘Now And Then’ Will Premiere This August On Netflix

Netflix has again come back with a pinch of 90s nostalgia with its new movie, Now and Then, which will finally stream on the screen in August.

The film consists of a plot where there are four childhood friends who reunite and reflect on their adventures since their childhood. The reflection includes the memories that they had always shared and most importantly how can they not gossip and memorize their memories from the unforgettable summer that they had spent back in 1970.

The cast members of the movie, Then and Now include many of the renowned actress likely— Ricci, Gaby Hoffman, Thora Birch and Ashleigh Aston Moore will be the stars who will be enacting the roles of the young girls in the movie. On the other hand, O’Donnell, Moore, Melanie, Griffith and Rita Wilson would be enacting the same characters but as grown-up ladies or adults.

Source – IMDb

A tweet was posted on the Twitter page by Netflix on Tuesday afternoon which stated that everyone should grab their bikes and find their best friends as the “Now and Then” are soon to return with its 1970s memories which will stream on Netflix US starting on 11th of August.

Marlene King who wrote the screenplay had commented in an interview that there were many people in the management positions as well as executive positions at the studios who actually don’t have a realisation factor that the movie had a great cultural phenomenon and an impact on youngsters and especially to the womanhood of a lady.

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