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Will There Ever Be A ‘Friends’ Reunion? Here’s What The Makers Have To Say About It

Friends have always been the top most rated and prioritised tv series of all times. Not only now but even before people had demanded a remake of the tv series. Though it is tough for wishes to fulfil, it is not entirely impossible.

Jen-An had possible definite answers to the remaking of the show Friends. In one of the shows of Ellen DeGeneres, Jen had asked whether she would like to make a cameo with her role as Rachel Green.

She gave answers to her question quite in an excited mood and said that she would love to make reprise of her character, and it would be something that people would be amazed. Not only she but the other cast members of boys and girls would also love to make a comeback along with the show’s return. She said anything could be possible and that everyone should hope for the best.

source: Vanity Fair

Marta Kauffman readily explained as to why a remake of the show would be something dizzy and not as popular as the previous and hence it would just be a waste of time and money.

She said there were several reasons among which the first was about a time in one’s life when one had their friends as their family but now that time is gone, and hence there will be a show that will have only the actors without the actual heart of the show which would have long gone. Secondly, there is no point in remaking it as people love the way it has been since years and it has been doing fine with what this had.

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