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Possessive Father Shot Daughter’s Boyfriend Dead For Smoking Weed

A father in Pennsylvania shot his daughter’s boyfriend when he found out that he was smoking marijuana with her at a party as told by the crime branch.

The father’s name is Michael D’Biago who is 41 years old and who has already been charged on Friday with homicide and the aggravation of an assault in connection to the death of the 17 years old boy, Darren Jevcak who was his daughter’s boyfriend. Darren Jevcak was shot by Michael D’Biago outside the Scustie’s Super Pizza which is w pizzeria restaurant in New Castle situated in Pennsylvania.

According to the court papers that have been submitted, it is stated that the 41 years old Michael D’Biago truly believed that Darren Jevcak had influenced his daughter under wrong terms and got her under the usage of a drug called cocaine. The criminal content that was filed against D’Biago read that a witness heard Michael say that this is what drug dealers get in return after killing the 17-year-old guy. According to the criminal report that was filed against D’Biago was that he had shot Jevcak as he walked out of the pizzeria with his pizzas through the backdoor of the Scustie’s Super Pizza in New Castle in Pennsylvania as he was the delivery boy who worked in the pizzeria.

However for the hilarious crime that Michael D’Biago had committed he was charged with criminal homicide. He was been held in the Lawernce County Jail without bail permission and had a preliminary hearing pending upon him. It was natural for any father or guardian to get angry and furious in such circumstances but the way he reacted was not suitable for any of the people, rather it ended in a hilarious crime.



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