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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Software Of 2019

The advancement of technology always comes with new opportunities for people who want to add a link to the value chain. Just like in different technology sectors such as automobile, ICT, and mobile technology, we are beginning to see an expansion in the value chain of crypto. Today, we have numerous aspects that have been introduced to provide a solution in one area or the other. Now we have several software/applications, trading platforms, wallets, bitcoin ATM and many more that are designed to make cryptocurrency more efficient and integrated into everyday life.

There are different categories of cryptocurrency software including Wallet, Exchanges, Miners, Payment apps, and custody software. But in this article, we are going to be looking at the top 5 cryptocurrency software that is trending in 2019.

Coinbase Custody

Coinbase is a digital currency platform that allows both merchants and bitcoin investors to transact with a variety of digital currencies such as ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin. The platform has a wide range of security options including, integrated chain for cryptocurrency assets; it supports local transactions with multiple signatures and offline wallets; it allows auditing and reporting of cold storage assets. The digital platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and transactional flexibility.


When it comes to cryptocurrency miners, CGminer is not new in the cryotosphere, it has been around for more than six years. The best thing about CGMiner is that it is compatible with all operating systems. The software supports multiple mining pools and devices. The software was originally designed to be used with hardware mining devices but it can be used with GPUs that are connected to your computer. The major reason why this software has remained popular in 2019 is its customizability and cross-platform usage.


Coingate is a user-friendly cryptocurrency payment app that allows merchants to monitor payments right front heir smartphones. Another feature that stands out is its ability to support up to 40 other digital currencies. What this translates to is that merchants can offer several payment methods through a single payment gateway.  Coingate also offers different plugins and bitcoin payment buttons that can be used on any website.

Electrum Wallet

Electrum is a popular storage option that is free and easy to use. This bitcoin wallet is a favourite of the cryptocurrency community, and it iswell-respected desktop software. The software has been around since 2011 and has expanded even to mobile devices (Android). The best thing about Electrum is that it is a user-friendly interface, but more importantly, it is extremely secure and reliable.


Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrecy exchanges in the world in 2019. The platform has very solid security that allows investors and merchants to trade securely. The platform is also known for its support of most digital currencies that are currently in use. One of the features that many users like best is that it has a user-friendly mobile version. It is a brilliant platform for traders because of its large liquidity, thanks to the volume of transactions that occur on the platform.Binance offers a lot of opportunities for merchants just like bitcoin ATMs. If you are looking to make some extra income and you need more information about bitcoin ATMs, visit Satoshipoint.io

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