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Zendaya Borrowed An Outfit From Tom Holland And It’s The Cutest Thing To Handle

Though Tom Holland and Zendaya are not dating either together, they have been complete best friends for a long time now. 

Recently Tom Holland was seen with his childhood friend named Olivia Bolton. The best thing to hear is that despite the differences Tom Holland and Zendaya have regularly opened up about a close friendship that they share and that is true.

Zendaya was spotted out in an outfit which was almost identical to the one which Spider-Man: Far From Home wore in of the occasions. The dressing of both the co-stars was so much similar that no way one could say that it was completely unplanned.

It had noticed that Zendaya wore plaid pants with a denim jacket over a white tee while she was stepping out for lunch with her brother in Burbank in California on the 25th of July. It seemed as if her outfit had inspired by the one that Tom Holland wore on the 1st of July while promoting his movie Spider-Man Far From Home in South Korea.

source: Scoop Square 24

It is nothing impossible to imagine as we have all seen the bond of Zendaya as well as Tom that they both share apart from on-screen.

It ultimately seems that Tom Holland loves to go identical with dressing sense with his girl mates. Just the other day when he had spotted along with his recent girlfriend, Olivia Bolton, both of them were seen wearing complete black outfits. The similar thing happened with Zendaya when they both wore identical outfits just on different dates.

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