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Andrew Lincoln’s Return To The Walking Dead Season 10 Finally Confirmed! Here’s What You Should Know

The announcement for the release of the Walking Dead movie had made with a small teaser video which had played at San Diego on Friday. The teaser ended with the words that it will appear only in theatres. There was no specific release date for the movie which will be distributed by Universal Pictures. 

The shooting for the movie is somehow expected to begin by the latter half of this year. The first parts are likely to focus on the character of Rick Grimes that will be played by Andrew Lincoln who long left the show in season nine.

The former showrunner Scott Gimple said that the story of Rick Grimes would go on in films, and back then they were recently working on the three, but there will be some flexibility in the work. In the upcoming years, they were going to do something specials where new series will come up as a possibility which will have high-quality digital content and then there will be some content that defies description at one moment.

source: Den of Geek

They were going to dig into the past and would show up old characters. They were about to introduce new characters and new situations.

Andrew Lincoln later revealed that the original plan included the death of Rick Grimes in the eight seasons of the show, but things changed after Gimple decided to kill his son Carl played by Chandler Riggs. The actor revealed that he even filmed a death season but later on it was agreed that Grimes would come back for another season.

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