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Are There Plans For A FRIENDS Reunion Series? Details Inside

There have been a lot of controversies regarding the remaking of the show of FRIENDS. People have a different type of emotion that is attached to this show and would always love a remake of it. But we don’t know what the creators and the casts think about re-introducing the show to the viewers. 

Matt LeBlanc told that people always wanted to know what would happen to the characters of Friends. However, it is still about a certain period of finite time after a person’s college life to the time where they have to settle with their family. Therefore to go back and to revisit all those years would be somewhere tricky as well as pointless, though he does not have any idea regarding what the plot might be about.

But whatsoever may be the reason every character would have move ahead in their lives and it would never be the same as the good old times. To end abruptly in short, he does not think that anybody would want to see an old Joey having a colonoscopy.

source: Metro

On the other hand, if we think about what Jen aka Rachel Green said in Ellen DeGeneres Show when she had asked as to how would she react if she was asked to reprise her role fro Rachel Green again on the show of Friends. She said she would be super excited, and that would make something impossible happen.

However, nothing is impossible nowadays. Not only she but the whole girl gang would be happy regardless of the boys who would be less excited.

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