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Automation – Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots, Natural Language Processing and Innovations

We live in a world where everything is changing at the speed of light, and things that seemed to be weird and impossible twenty years ago have already become our reality. Different types of automation, which include robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, and natural language processing (NLP), can be called a new evolution in the communication of a person with various kinds of information systems. If earlier we interacted with computers in an extremely unusual way for human nature, it’s about a keyboard and mouse. A little later, people began experimenting with other, still unusual manipulators like all sorts of sensors, recorders, and amplifiers. Nowadays, we are slowly coming close to another stage in the development of communication. And if you visit mariadating.com, you will see that it’s a completely different level of interaction with charming and very beautiful girls. So, let’s take a closer look at all these innovations.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a technology designed to automate the routine of office work. It’s about accelerating data entry into various systems, performing simple template actions in an account, and other operations without human intervention. In fact, this is a replacement for a person with a specially created bot that works in standard software. However, unlike the macro, which simply performs a clearly defined course of tasks, this bot learns through machine learning (Machine Learning, ML).

It is no secret that a huge number of large companies in the world market have already set up automation of their business processes. The main reasons are clear: lower costs (including salaries for employees, social benefits, and severance pay) and increased efficiency.

However, there are a few more important advantages, imperceptible at first sight. The fact is that RPA technologies are much faster introduced into your system and pay off more quickly than specially developed software. And there is no need to rebuild existing processes and systems in your company. This RPA technology adapts to them, not vice versa.

Talking about the approach to development, then RPA refers to the so-called low-code systems. It means that ready-made modules are used to create the necessary solutions. As a result, software development occurs with minimal use of manual code set and maximum automation of tasks.

The undeniable advantage of this approach is the ability to work effectively with the RPA-technologies, even for young professionals with little programming experience. At the same time, higher-level programmers can switch to more complex and interesting creative tasks. All this sounds quite impressive, but all the above-mentioned specifics make it clear why the world’s largest companies have begun to actively implement the RPA approach in their production processes.


According to Forester, people spend 85% of their time on messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber, and WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger has more than 11,000 bots, so today, it is the best platform for introducing chatbot technology and doing business.

Many marketers are extremely interested in creating “their own” chatbots. And it’s not just the increased popularity of this technical novelty. Chatbots are also a great solution for improving UX and getting valuable customer information.

  1. Chatbots are optimized for mobile devices

Thanks to the mobile-first approach, chatbots are fully optimized. Also, you do not have to spend time and additional resources. Creating and using a bot is a very simple task.

  1. Almost all your clients use an instant messenger

According to TheEconomist, more than 2.5 billion people use at least one of the instant messengers, for example, Telegram, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger. That is, more than a third of the world’s population interacts through an instant messenger. It is quite impressive, is not it?

  1. Old means of communication are no longer relevant

49.4% of consumers would prefer to talk through a messaging application rather than a phone call.

½ of all users is a really big figure, reflecting the shift in consumer behaviors with the introduction of instant messengers and chatbot technologies. The conclusion is: your customers will prefer to communicate with you via the messenger rather than using voice communications.

  1. Chatbots create a single brand voice

One of the main tasks of modern marketers is to create a single brand presence in the largest social networks. To do this, they run many campaigns on different platforms. At the same time, the regularity of updates and maintaining the high quality of the published content is very important.

When creating chatbots, they are integrated with social networks. This allows you to regularly update brand messages through one system at once on all platforms.

  1. Consumers want active interaction

Consumers want to interact with brands through messaging applications, receiving not just messages but also different offers, promotional codes, information about updates, and the like. Again, a chatbot is a great investment for a business.

  1. The automation trend shows no signs of slowing down

Every day, the number of active users of social networks increases by one million. According to the latest Statshot report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, published on The Next Web, the number of active users of social networks and instant messengers have exceeded 3 billion.

Facebook is still the largest social network. It has more than 2 billion active users, 87% of whom use mobile devices, and 59% open Facebook every day.

  1. Users get information when they want

51% of consumers want their business services to be available 24/7. The human consultant cannot be available at any time of the day, but it is quite realistic for a chatbot.

  1. Immediacy is the key factor

69% of consumers prefer to ask questions to a bot because it will provide them with an instant right answer. Customers who decide to spend their valuable time asking a question and learning more about your product are not ready to wait for an answer within 48 hours. They want to get answers to their questions here and now, and chatbots, in turn, can offer it.

The only competitors of chatbots are mobile applications, but one should understand that, unlike chatbots, applications fight not only for the user’s attention but also for free space on their smartphones. Today, the average number of programs installed on a smartphone is about 60, and in some cases, it can reach both 100 and 200. Well, in addition, the development of a mobile application will be about two times more expensive than a chatbot with a little bit similar feature set.

Natural Language Processing and Innovations

A language is a complex set of various levels, such as syntax, morphology, semantics, and discourse.

Each level has its own specific tasks. But in practice, several or all levels of the language are involved. For example, the classical tasks of syntax and morphology are tokenization (the division of the text into words) and lemmatization (returning to the initial form of the word). There are tasks of parsing the test, extraction of entities, for example, names and geographic names. The semantics involves the tasks of thematic modeling (highlighting topics in a large collection of documents) and the definition of emotional coloring. The level of discourse affects the task of text summarization. Machine translation involves all levels of the language. Recognition and generation of oral speech are also within the scope of NLP.

Who does need all these tasks? In particular, contact centers that operate with a large flow of incoming requests are interested in the natural language processing: they need to break down calls into categories, determine topics, and automatically select answer options.

There are huge amounts of textual data in electronic form that contain human knowledge, emotions, and experience. However, there is also spam which pretends to be useful information, and it’s necessary to be able to separate one from the other. People want to communicate with those who do not know their native language as well as manage their smartphones/ TVs. All this ensures the demand for and rapid development of Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods as well as the popularity of other different innovations.

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