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10 Things Every Video Website Should Have

Videos have become a huge marketing tool and these websites provide free videos for entertainment. There are various websites which host videos and company’s put out their ads through these websites. These websites attract people of various generations. These websites have sources to make videos fun and these platforms attract a huge fan base. They help businesses promote their products through these videos and they don’t have to pay for these websites. There are free websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. But still, if you know how to create your own video website, then it will be more beneficial to you in the long run.


Different platforms have different features and options. There are customizations available. There are different options available at different platforms and have various features which help attract people and also help promote business. Each website has its own set of features and provides its own advantages but some features are a must in a video website. They make the website appealing and it can work with these features as it creates a loyal fan base.

Top 10 Features Needed

  1. Uploading of Content: This is an important feature needed in a video website. It should give access to people to showcase their talent and upload their videos. They can show their talent and upload videos freely and without any cost. This is a feature which every video website should have. It has to give access to people to promote it. Websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion have these features and also pay certain content creators if they have reached a huge fan base. They help you gain fame and also money if the content is original and good. These websites provide you a platform to upload such unique content and videos free of cost.
  2. Interaction with users: This is another feature which is required in a video website. A place where users of any age can interact with the content creators or with each other. It should be a place for people to comment and interact with each other. There should be no hindrance and people can comment on their views and ideas for any video and can like the video and subscribe it too. This helps them be in touch with the people around and also put forth their ideas in the comments. They can subscribe to the channels they like and can get notifications when they upload videos.


  1. A good search optimization: These websites should have good search bars. They should have categorized videos into different genres, recently watched, newly uploaded, etc. They should have different sections and can make it easier to search. Depending on your interest there are recommended videos which give different and similar videos to watch. Sites like Veoh, Metacafe provide entertainment videos like short movies, video games, sports, etc.
  2. Providing live videos: Some of these websites like Dailymotion also provide live videos or on-demand sports, music festivals, comedy skits, political debates etc. People can share live videos and feed. Many sites also provide tools to edit your videos and add tags to improve its performance.


  1. Premium Plans: Every site has brought up premium plans where customers have to pay some amount to watch exclusive videos or short TV series and shows. They can be watched only after subscribing to the premium mode by paying a certain amount of money every month. Many websites like Youtube, Vimeo have got premium modes where various content is uploaded and accessed after payment.
  2. Video live sharing and disappearing videos: Websites like snapchat, Instagram let you post live videos and stories which last for 30 seconds. Snapchat lets you make disappearing videos which only last for 30 seconds. People put their lives and share what they have been doing or are doing in the videos and photos. These videos are mean to interact with the people around and they can comment on it and like it.


  1. Gaming features: There are websites especially dealing with gaming companies. There is a live chat feature which helps people connect with other gamers. This will be a great feature for gaming streamers and the free account can be made.


  1. Videos focussed for entrepreneurs: SproutVideo, Vidyard is one of many great websites which can be used as a great advantage for entrepreneurs. It helps business owners create and share actionable videos. You can integrate with tools with Marketo. Analytics can help drive more traffic and improve the current videos. It should most probably help business people with their review videos.
  2. Providing free entertainment: The objective of these sites is to provide knowledge, entertainment, and fun to the people watching it. Most of the videos are free and can help you pass the time without any problem. It is used mainly for streaming videos seamlessly and ads can be skipped too.
  3. Offline videos: Many video sharing websites like Youtube provide offline watching which helps you download the videos and watch it offline without needing internet. They can be put in the watchlist, can be watched later and can be shared on various media sharing platforms. This helps people watch videos whenever they want and can be downloaded for offline watching.


These are the features required in a video sharing platform which are commonly found and liked by all the people. These features help to build up the loyal customer base and also achieve the number of views required. It keeps the people entertained and also earn a loyal fan base for the websites. Each website has its own set of features for various interests and fulfills the customer’s needs.

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