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5 Things You Failed To Spot In Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why Season 3 First Trailer Breakdown

So the wait is finally over, after a long period of controversies, rumors, and predictions the first trailer of Netflix’s most loved and most controversial teen-drama ’13 Reasons Why Season 3′ has finally knocked the doors. The trailer, as usual, looks highly promising but this time it is not about Hannah Baker. Yes, you read it right, this time the makers have tried taking a risk to completely vanish the main protagonist of the first two seasons from the storyline and the step has certainly taken the series to another level. Here are a few small things from the first trailer of Season 3 which you might have failed to spot.

#1 Closeness Of Zach And Chloe

Few minutes in the trailer, we see Zach and Chloe sitting on the stairs of Liberty High holding each other’s hands and suddenly reassembling themselves as soon as the camera pans towards them. No one as a fan would have ever imagined Zach and Chloe getting paired with each other, but everything seems certainly possible after the death of Bryce Walker. Last time we saw Chloe, she was pregnant with Bryce’s baby but it looks like she is totally over Bryce now. There a lot of questions Season 3 needs to answer about Chloe and Zach including the mystery behind Chloe’s pregnancy.

#2 Alex Is Going Rough This Season

After 2 seasons of silence and a not so strong portrayal, it seems like the makers have finally given the character of Alex the roughness it wanted to show from quite some time. Alex has unfinished business with Montgomery and its pretty obvious that he will be completing the stuff this season.

#3 A New Narrator, A Newcomer

The narrator of the Season 3 trailer is Ani, considering the odds she might be someone with the fresh hands on the screens but in the trailer she can be seen brushing off blood stains from a white shirt, we don’t know is that Bryce’s but we certainly know that the new character has a promising part to play in the story.

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#4 Clay Is Hiding Something

Clay’s entry on the screens happens at the last of all the characters but it is so far the best one. We see Clay standing still in the rain, a lot tougher and angry. Just when Bryce’s mother Mrs. Walker begs to know about her son’s death, Clay thinks for a second and reveals some information as the trailer ends.

#5 Who Killed Bryce Walker?

While everyone has there own reasons to murder Bryce, the characters which emerge as the most logical and potential reason to kill him are Clay and Zach. While Clay’s reason revolves completely around Hannah, Zach, on the other hand, has a new reason named Chloe to kill Bryce Walker. Other than these two, Tyler Down and Jessica are the two names which might sooner or later pop up in the series.

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