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Stranger Things: 4 Questions Fans Are Asking While Waiting For Season 4

Its been almost a month since Season 3 of Netflix’s most popular drama ‘Stranger Things’ premiered. Though Season 3 of the ’80’s themed drama’ lived up to the hype it previously created, it certainly left the fans in tears with the death of one of the most favorite characters, Billy and Hopper (He’s Alive). Contrary to the tears, the Season 3 due to its intense cliffhanger ending has also left a few questions behind which will be completely answered only when Season 4 will arrive at our screens.

#1 Is Jim Hopper The New Jon Snow?

Unlike Billy, Jim Hopper when he “dies” his death is not seen on the screens, a basic idea you carry on when you want to give yourself the opportunity to plan the return of a character. From the post-credit scene, the series gave us a clue that the Russians have imprisoned two Americans at some secret base, where they have a Demogorgon too. There is a huge possibility that out of the two ‘Americans’ the Russians are talking about one might end up being Jim Hopper himself, as depicting a scene like this without any connection to the previous scene isn’t something the makers would do without any meaning.

#2 Why Do The Russians Have A Demogorgon?

Remembering that Eleven had disappeared like the Demogorgon, in their final battle, and that she was not dead but had landed in Upside Down, from where she had come back. The monster has also survived and can be recovered by the Russians, who keep it in their base in Kamchatka (peninsula east of Russia) where it is fed with human prisoners. But what for?

Source- Screen Rant

#3 Will Eleven Get Her Powers Back?

At the end of season 3, Eleven totally lost his powers at the time of the final clash against the Mind Flayer. We think she has used them too much, and with a little rest, it will be better. But in the prologue that takes place three months later, El is not able to move a simple stuffed by thought.

#4 Will The Series Conclude With Season 4?

Since Season One the fans and the critics have been wondering how far can Stranger Things go? The Duffer brothers announced in 2017 that they wanted to stop after season 4. But producer Shawn Levy does not close the door for the fifth season. One thing is certain, anyway, Stranger Things will be stepping outside Hawkins, and that’s great news.

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