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4 Underrated Netflix Series You Should Binge Watch Right Now

2019 has been a year of Netflix, the streaming giant has already gathered enormous love from its popular shows like Stranger Things, Money Heist, and Black Mirror. As a streaming giant, Netflix has always stood up to provide its users with movies and shows that just blew their minds. Here are some underrated Netflix series you should binge-watch right now:

#1 Designated Survivor

This is one of the political series with little acclamations on Netflix but it is certainly worth a watch. Tom Kirkman arises to the presidency of the United States after an attack on the Capitol where all the relevant government statesmen die. The series is surely a cherry on top stuff for the people who are hunting for a political drama.

#2 Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones was one of the first Marvel series which landed on Netflix, just after the premiere of ‘Daredevil’. If you are a diehard fan and follower of the Marvel Television Universe, you can not afford to miss this fiction starring Krysten Ritter as the main protagonist. Ritter plays a woman with superpowers who had a brief career as a superhero until a tragedy occurred. People on their voyage to find a fresh superhero TV series can surely go for it.

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#3 Dead To Me

Netflix’s dark-comedy drama ‘Dead To Me’ starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini is a sure treat for the fans in search of a dark comedy-drama. Revolving around the life of Judy and Jen this series is surely a treat for the people searching for something new to watch.

#4 You

A Netflix thriller revolving around Joe Goldberg, a bookseller who falls in love with the wannabe writer Guinevere Beck with social media addiction, money problems and the group of wrong friends. You being a psychological thriller is a treat for fans who have previously liked shows such as Black Mirror and Mind Hunter.

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