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Netflix’s You Season 2: Latest News And Other Major Updates

If you have just completed season 1 of Netflix’s psychological thriller ‘You,’ here’s good news for you, the Netflix series revolving around Joe Goldberg and Guinevere Beck is returning for a second season. Season 1 of the thriller revolved around Joe Goldberg, a New York-based bookseller who falls in love with the beautiful but uncertain Guinevere Beck – a wannabe writer with social media addiction, money problems and the group of wrong friends.

Season 1 of the thriller-drama ended on a massive cliffhanger that has still kept the fans into the storyline entirely, on the way to Beck’s heart, Joe chases after her, chases her on vacation, browses through her social media accounts, and does not even discourage himself from murder. Season 1 of ‘You’ concludes with a massive blow that leaves the viewers terrified and astonished

The good news is the unfinished chapter of Joe and Beck continues. While the first season was produced by ‘Lifetime,’ Netflix has acquired the rights to create the series on its own and will be now producing the series as a Netflix original.

source:p Daily Express

Joe Goldberg aka Penn Badgley previously in an interview at “Entertainment Tonight” revealed that Joe would be moving to Los Angeles from New York in search of a new victim. The joyful Love Quinn is supposed to be – and it will be even more disturbing than in season 1.

Speculations and rumors about the release date have continuously kept changing over time, and an exact date has not yet been revealed by the makers of any of the cast members.

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