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Shah Rukh Khan Is Drafting Plans To Turn Spanish TV Series ‘Money Heist’ Into A Bollywood Film, Details Inside

The Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, has bought the rights of Money Heist to remake it in Hindi. Although, Red Chillis Entertainment, his production house, will adapt the series into a movie. Money Heist is directed by Álex Pina. Who’ll direct the Hindi remake of it is still not decided.

He has always had a keen eye on finding a good script and taking it one notch higher at a time. He might as well act in it as he is developing it into a movie rather than a web series. They have been lots of talks about what his next movie will be, after Zero. Now, we know that he’ll be producing the Hindi version of Money Heist.

The original TV show, that airs on Netflix, just concluded its third season. It has thrashed all records and has become the most viewed show of non-English language origin. In some key regions, it has even surpassed the viewership of English Language shows as well.

Source – Hindustan Times

Money Heist is about a criminal mastermind and his team of people who have very little to lose in life, apart from each other. The criminal mastermind is “The Professor”, who plans to execute the biggest heists of all time with the help of a team of people, this constitutes the basic plotline of the show. Three seasons have already been concluded and the fourth is in its early production stages.

The show is filled with emotions, drama, suspense and even a sense of disbelief for the viewers and it’s fully understandable, why Shahrukh Khan would be attracted to its storyline.

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