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Game Of Thrones Prequel ‘Bloodmoon’: Here’s Every Tiny Detail We Know So Far

The filming of the “Game of Thrones” spin-off “Bloodmoon” is underway: The first episode is already in the box. All news about action, cast and dates can be found here.

The series is set to play more than 5000 years before the storyline of “Game of Thrones”. A reunion with Jon Snow and Company is so timing-wise already excluded once.

Mainly in “Bloodmoon” the conflict between the children of the forest and the first White Wanderern should be presented and explained. This storyline was superficially discussed in “Game of Thrones” – but it was not discussed in detail.

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The source of inspiration for the spin-off is British screenwriter Jane Goldman. She also wrote scripts for both parts of the Kingsman movies. She was also involved in the script for “X-Men – First Decision” and “X-Men – Future is Past”. Goldman wrote the story for the pilot episode, which is already turned off.

For the official launch date of the “Game of Thrones” spin-off, there is no specific information yet. The filming has already begun. Apparently, the first shots were produced in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In addition, it was recently announced that the first episode was turned off.

The fans will have to wait a while until they can plunge back into the world of writer George RR Martin. Of course, there will be a different cast than “Game of Thrones”. So far, it has not been officially confirmed, which actors will be seen in the series. But on the movie database IMDB you can already see the list of the “Bloodmoon” button. One of the main roles in “Bloodmoon” should, therefore, take over the British-Australian actress Naomi Watts (“King Kong”).

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