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‘Set It Up’ Star Zoey Deutch Teases Bid To Play Batgirl,Details Inside

Well looks like Zoey will be seen in a totally different character from now on as she is stepping out from her very well known personality in set it up to Batgirl, this will be an excellent role for her.

Batgirl first appeared in the Batman comic as the name makes it pretty much clear for all of us it is a role for the counterpart of male Batman, over the years a lot of female actresses have acquired the position of a batgirl, and some of them are Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown.

Recently a fan tweeted that Zoey Deutch should play Batgirl and she simply replied with “yes please” and twitter got crazy about the idea all fans suddenly got excited and happy and totally thing Zoey will be the perfect person to play this role, other fans also started posting pictures of similarities between Zoey and DC’s comic batgirl, and we can’t unsee them.

Here’s the tweet that showed pictures in which Zoey looks so similar to the Batgirls character in comic books.

This movie and character can be a gamechanger for Zoey’s career, no lying she is a wonderful actress, but she hasn’t got any great scripts that could bring out the best in her, and we think this might be her opportunity to shine. Her performance in the romantic comedy of 2018 set it up has been a remarkable work, and we all enjoyed the movie throughout. Hope she gets this opportunity, and we get a new face for batgirl.

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