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13 Reasons Why Season 3 – 3 Mind blasting Theories About Season 3 That Will Make You Flip

Thirteen ideas about why started with the suicide of Hannah Baker. Hannah left behind some tapes which explained the 13 reasons for her suicide. Also, it had focused on how people dealt with Hannah’s death, especially Clay Jensen. It also depicted the legal fight between Hannah’s parents and her school. 

The season three of 13 reasons why features the death of Bryce, the character who sexually assault Hannah Baker compelling her to take a step ahead towards the end. Leaves us with questions like what happened between the timeline of season two and season three. Who killed Bryce? Was it related to the suicide of Hannah Baker? Did Clay kill Bryce? 

Here are some theories about season three that will make you go crazy with anticipation.

source: Daily express

  1. Season three will finally have someone help Clay with his mental state

Throughout both the seasons, Clay seems to be the most sympathetic character apart from Hannah’s family. We have seen him struggling and just maybe, season three provides solace to Clay. It might have a new or old character help Clay come out of his trauma. 

  1. Might Alex be the next victim of severe depression? 

Just before getting closer to her breakdown, Hannah was seen chopping her hair off. A similar event took place with Tyler in season two. Alex had seen in shorter hair. Is it a giveaway for Alex’s future? 

  1. Did Clay Jensen murder Bryce? 

This theory is the most common theory going on as Clay has the most significant motive for killing Bryce as he knew that Bryce raped both Jessica and Hannah. 

Although this theory is logical and plausible, it’s highly unlikely given the personality of Clay. 

Thirteen reasons why focus upon the real scenarios of bullying among the students and the adverse effects of it. 13 reasons why season three seems to have a lot to unfold for the audience. The episodes drop on August 23rd on Netflix.

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