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Did Clay Jensen Killed Bryce Walker Know The Reason Why Clay Jensen Could Be The Murder Of Bryce Walker

If you are a 13 reason why follower you most probably already know what I am talking about here.

Netflix came up with penultimate season three for 13 reasons why and has previously announced that this season does not have any suicides. 

The season airs on 23rd august, but the audience has started making theories already, and we are not at all complaining! After all, they waited almost an entire year for the season itself.

source; The cheat sheet

The trailer shows the death of Bryce Walker, who portrayed as a rapist in the previous seasons. However, it takes a spooky turn when it shows Clay (Dylan Minette), Justin (Brandon Flynn). Other students are standing for his funeral, probably meaning that it is one of the students that killed Bryce.

Now a fan theory suggests that it could be Clay and the reason to support the theory is previous season’s plotline itself. Even though Bryce hasn’t had good terms with any of the characters, wasn’t it clay that he has the most feud. Especially after Clay forced with the confession out of him? And owing to the PTSD that Clay suffers from and his close relations and an apparent soft spot for Hannah( Katherine Langford), the entire scenario makes up for a murder motive.

Besides this, one of the Reddit users has even claimed that they saw Dylan in the orange prison costume on the final day of the shoot. This proposing a theory that if there were a murder, of course, there would be an arrest.

Whatever might be the case with the actual murder mystery and its suspect, it is safe to say that season three giving a thrill for us. It is making us do even before it has premiered.

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