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Hermione, Emma Watson Is Dating This Mysterious Guy And We Bet He Isn’t Draco a.k.a Tom Felton

Emma and Tom’s shippers were shocked when Emma spotted with her alleged brand new boyfriend. Tom and Emma speculated with dating rumors after being seen together spending quality time. It turns out it was just a random rumor, and no proofs are there of them dating in real. 

These speculations shattered when Emma was seen hanging out with her alleged new boyfriend in The Noticeable Pig, New York Metropolis. 

The guy is none other than Cole Cook, brother of Alicia Keys. Cole is not only Alicia’s brother but also a businessman and that too self-made.

source: Pinterest

Cole and Emma were photographed together after a dinner date. Cole playfully put his arms around Emma Watson, and we can’t stop adoring the alleged couple. 

Emma Watson has been secretive about her personal life, and no one knows what’s going under the covers. We can speculate through the actions of the Harry Potter actress. 

We can’t deny the fact that Cole and Emma would make a beautiful couple. Walking side by side, the duo looks cute. Cole Cook being the handsome, tall and hot but attractive guy, seems like the perfect match to our beloved Emma Watson. 

Emma Watson has not given any statements about her relationship with Cole Cook, but we can’t stop going crazy over the perfect pair they make. We would like to believe that they are a couple in making and romance is brewing between them if they are not a couple already. 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for two of the most flawless people existing to make a gorgeous couple shortly. We would love to have a happy and loving relationship for Emma Watson.

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