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Keanu Reeves And Angelina Jolie Are They Dating Or Is It A False Rumor

Keanu Reeves often saw as one of the most eligible bachelors. Sadly, our beloved has been single for way too long now, and fans cannot stop shipping him together with someone whom he deserves. It has been a little less than two decades for the actor to have fallen in love post break up with Jennifer Syme.

Speculations of Keanu Reeves dating Angelina Jolie came up when the actress shifted her home in Los Angeles. Also, her neighbor happened to be none other than Reeves’ mother. Reports claimed that Reeves and Jolie grew closer during the period when Keanu visited his mother. It contended that Keanu’s mother was also considering the pair of Reeves and Jolie as she would like her son to find the love of his life. 

Fans couldn’t stop shipping them together as the conditions seemed favorable for the love to blossom between the two. Jennifer too has been single since her divorce from Brad Pitt. The rumors fueled when people noticed that the duo had a lot in common.

source; Gossip cop

Sadly, these rumors were discarded by the 54-year-old actor when he stated that he did not wish to date anyone for the time being. He disregarded the stories about him and Angelina Jolie. The actress also did not express any interest in love and relationships. 

Fans were disheartened when Keanu revealed that he wasn’t dating anyone. They were hoping the rumors to be right this time as they wanted Reeves to settle down in his love life finally.

Although the reports came untrue, we still might be open to this couple as they might get together in the future for work. Love can blossom anywhere and anytime so let’s stay hopeful for the duo.

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