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Netflix’s Ozark Season 3 When Is Marty Byrde Returning For Season 3, Release Date And Other Latest Updates

Ozark is an American crime web series that celebrated the success of both of its seasons. With the fantastic reception by the audience, Ozark was bound to make a return with its season 3.

Every single fan has a question running through their minds, what is in the package for the Byrde family.

When is Ozark season 3 coming to our screens? 

Jason Bateman took the platform of Twitter to announce the confirmation of season three of Ozark which will be making its way to our screens sometime in late 2019. We can expect Ozark by the end of this year, and that is good news as it is already August and not much time remains for this year to end.

source; Daily express

Who are all in the cast for Ozark 3?

Netflix has confirmed that Madison Thompson will be joining the cast as Erin. A couple more characters from the TV shows of Marvel will be seen entering the cast for season three. 

What is season 3 all about this time? 

Within the rumors and theories going on about the plot, ChrisMundy has stated, it is likely that Marty and Byrde will be seen struggling with their power and dealing with the aftermath. Wendy’s brother as an addon to the cast and the Byrde family will get much more entangled with the criminal activities. 

The second three has to fill in for several plot holes as a considerable number of questions still stay unanswered.

Within a few months, we’ll have the third season on our screens to answer our curiosity. Stay tuned for further updates.

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