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GI Joe Spinoff Rumored To Revive A Character Who Has Faded Long Time Ago, See Here

GI Joe has been a rage among comic-book enthusiasts since the time it has been featured. Now that paramount pictures are planning a spinoff for the movie, it’s also in talks of reviving a very old character who was dormant for a very long time, in the course of the franchise.

Unless you were one of those people who collected everything related to GI Joe or were familiar with every little detail of it, you wouldn’t understand the familiarity and excitement of bringing one of the dormant characters back. But as the makers of GI Joe are bringing back one of the dormant characters, the fans of the franchise can’t keep calm.

The underappreciated, undercover specialist Chuckles (aka Phillip M. Provost) will apparently appear in the new GI Joe movie since the 1987’s G.I. Joe: The Movie. This movie might prove to be a sort of reintroduction into the series for Chuckles.

Source – IDW Publishing

In the script, Chuckles is a good guy with a clearly laid out personal code that he usually keeps intact, keeping in mind the mission he is assigned to. He is confident, and he is all for playing con games, especially with Cobra. As of now, there is no word as such on the release date of the movie which would bring Chuckles back to life.

The previous movie that had Chuckles in it had him all silent through most of the movie. But here’s hoping that in the upcoming movie featuring Chuckles, we’d see him being his baddest self and indulge in some amazing actions sequences and con artistry.

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