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Husband Accidentally Shot His Pregnant Wife ‘Dead’ While Trying To Shoot A Snake

Geoff Sleba held the weapon, his wife dead at his feet, and went terribly wrong after searching for a snake. Despite their suspicions, the police never charged the man of the death of his wife and said they could not find a motive for an inquiry.

Mr. Sleba, 40 years of age, informed investigative officials of his weapon discharging accidentally at the Kingsthorpe estate, east of Toowoomba. The shot murdered Leanne Sleba, 33, while she was walking from the shed on the estate of the couple. The police reported that they had originally handled her death in Toowoomba as a murder inquiry and even seized computer facilities and economic documents on Tuesday.

The tribunal heard the pair split up briefly at Easter 2007, and the conflict was “too difficult with him.” Mr. Sleba also sent “unsuitable” texts to another female, Maryanne Eecen, about seven months before the death of Ms. Sleba. The nature of their connection, or whether Ms. Sleba was aware of it, was unknown. The tribunal heard the family liking, but the deceased’s friends told the police that they wanted higher financial and other autonomy from the Sleba family.

A non-publication order issued by Coroner Tina Previtera did not provide information about the finances of the couple or proofs supplied by the couple’s four kids. Peter Davis, a solicitor for Mr. Sleba, SC, challenged Det-Sgt Briese, who had lately watched an episode in a TV series of Underbelly for drawing similarities in the coroner’s report between Sleba’s death and him.

Source – The Advertiser

But Det-Sgt Briese stated that his findings, which focused on Mick Gatto’s shooting death of Andrew Veniamin, were valid. “Only two individuals were here, one gave a version of events and the other was dead,” he said. Ballistics and firearms expert Sgt Ian Bruce said that his test showed that Mrs. Sleba was less than 1 m from the gun barrel when she was fired.

According to him, testing of Mr. Sleba’s firewall showed that there was no “discharge potential without trigger operations” and that the stress of 2.6 kg was necessary to fire the gun. Judith Eagle, Mother of Ms. Sleba, informed her daughter that she was “a really good mother who has worked so hard for her husband, kids, and the whole family.” Today, the inquiry is answered by serpent specialists who answer questions about the temperature of 11.6C to 12.4C on the night Ms. Sleba died. A second security specialist on firearms will also offer proof.

Mr. Sleba is not going to take the stand.

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