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Is Cancellation Of Netflix’s The OA Just A Big Marketing Stunt? Here’s What You Should Know

Well, OA has been victimized by its fans who are coming up with a lot of different theories as to what made Netflix cancel the show, first two seasons of the show have been high, and the audience has quite enjoyed the supernatural drama.

The show brings on the table and all of a sudden the show has been canceled and won’t be renewed for another season well that’s just absurd and what’s more crazy is all the fans out there.

The theory first appeared on Reddit and caught fire since then, the writer of the post is sure that Netflix is just playing a publicity stunt and this is not the first time they have done something like this with other shows as well, he is convinced that OA’s co-creators Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling and Netflix included are planning something even more significant and they have a different game.

source; The independent

In the second season of the show the makers portray an alternate dimension and the season ends with that, the writer had convinced that it is only a staging that has been done for the audience, he has mentioned various clues that indicate something different.

Netflix VP’s quote, which mentions looking forward to working with Brit and Zal in this dimension is a clue, another clue that most fans recognized was Brit’s tweet about the last text from Grandma Vu. We hope the show gets renewed for another season or else the fans will miss a lot more than the show can offer.

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