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Man Who Spent 12 Years In Prison For A Crime He Didn’t Commit Was Found Dead 2 Blocks Away From His Home

A man got punishment of the crime he didn’t commit and was sent behind bars for more than two decades. He was found shot dead one week before. At the age of 19, the man was arrested shortly after the birth of his son, in charge of raping a woman during an armed robbery and murdering a man during a separate incident.

There is no much information about the man. Later he was falsely identified Cedric Willis as the perpetrator. At that time he was meant to be innocent but due to the inappropriate and misjudged situation, the man was sentenced to jail. He tried every single way to prove his innocence in the court but kept failing to do so till 2006.

In the second chance, the judge gave him another chance and cleared him from all the previous charges that were set on him. Willis spent almost four years struggling in the solitary confinement when he was in custody.

Source – The Clarion-Ledger

Being a black man, he had to face a lot of hardships. Police used to treat him nasty and act cruel with him. However, it was this man’s dedication and luck and hoped that he didn’t lose and tried, again and again, to prove himself innocent.

But his luck didn’t work from him long. The day he was set free and came out of the jail after more than two decades, he was found shot dead. He wasted his whole life to go out of jail. And then when came out he was killed. He was murdered in Mississippi. The police have not revealed anything about the case.

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