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Pusha T’s Scribbled Verse For Lil Wayne And Rick Ross Mayback Music VI Surfaces All-Around

Well, on Thursday night Rick Ross released his tenth studio album which is “Port of Miami 2” was released and all the fans were very excited but some noticed a slight change to the collection and were quick to put it through, many fans realized that Pusha-T’s verse was missing from “Maybach Music VI” and so on that the justice league produced song has only Lil Wayne, and John Legend featured in it.

However, last month Ross in an interview mentioned that he put both Lil and Pusha on the same track without letting them know after this Ross also came out with a disclaimer about the same in a statement which said “What I did do was put together a record with Pusha and Wayne.

source: Hypebeast

Is it going to be released? We gon’ have to wait to see on Aug. 9. Because to me, it wasn’t about doing the record.” and that is why fans were even more shocked when sudden changes had made to the album, and Pusha was nowhere to be found.

Upscale Vandal who has worked with Pusha closely in the past came out to his defense as he posted on Twitter letting Pusha’s fans know that it wasn’t Pusha who backed out from the song knowing that it has Lil Wayne too.

When fans asked him the real reason to Pusha’s missing verses, he responded saying that he isn’t aware of the main reason that went down, though we couldn’t personally listen to Pusha’s poems in the song we know that it would’ve added another charm to it.

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