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Shawn Mendes Removes Social Media From His Phone, Will Be Talking A Break

Singer Shawn Mendes confessed to having “many problems with social networks,” so he decided to uninstall Instagram and Twitter from his cell phone. “To be honest, guys, I deleted my Instagram and my Twitter from the phone three days ago, but I am sending photos to my manager, and I say ‘Can you post this?'” Commented the singer in a Q&A before his more Recent concert in Atlanta.

According to Shawn Mendes, his idea of ​​erasing these applications from his mobile team is based on a way of taking a “break” from the world of social networks.  “Sometimes I need to take a break from all this because it affects me just as it can affect anyone else,” said the interpreter.

Shawn Mendes also took the opportunity to advise his followers: “You have to take care of yourself, it is very, very important. Put yourself first. ” Following these statements, many users believe that the departure of Shawn Mendes social networks would be related to his current romance with Camila Cabello.

Source – Entertainment Tonight

Remember that recently, both artists were captured on a beach in Miami and their photos generated all kinds of comments, many of them focused on the physique of the Cuban singer.

Moreover, Shawn Mendes and his labeled ‘BFF’ Camila Cabello were spotted kissing each other in a PDA, and the fans are profoundly convinced that the senorita couple is dating each other from quite an extended period. Rumors also suggest that Camila Cabello’s breakup with Matthew Hussey was a result of her budding relationship with Shawn Mendes.

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