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Yang Hyun Suk And Seungri’s Case Seeks Involvement Of The FBI, Details Inside

It looks like trouble is following Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri as FBI secured various documents that confirm their involvement in illegal activities across the world, The FBI in the US came to rescue the Korean police team.

When they found over 500 papers that prove that Yang and Seungri are involved in illegal gambled in Las Vegas and that Yang has also in the past committed unauthorized foreign exchange transactions, well these are pretty bug accusations made on both of them and will have serious consequences ahead.

Reports from the FBI have confirmed that Yang by gambling in Las Vegas has lost over 600 million won and 1.3 billion won respectively, we have also found out that Yang allegedly found gambling funds from a ‘fund manager’ in the US.

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Who helped him to secure and get access to all the money. Police have also found out that each time Yang would visit the US he would attend a casino, they are looking more into the matter as of now as they want to know if he would always get the funds locally in the US and who used to provide him with all the funds.

An employee of the casino’s marketing departments came forward to the police to tell them that Yang has visited the casino multiple times in the past, he has also released the information that Seungri lost over 1.3 billion and won at the same casino various times, he also mentioned that one a person in charge also visited Korea to get the money from Seungri.

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