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13 Reasons Why Star Christian Navarro Drops Major Hints On Bryce Walker’s Death, Details Inside

As well as we know that 13 Reasons Why is back with their 3rd seasons, nobody means nobody thinks that the show creator has a plan to would kill the main character and we see exactly in the trailer. On the other side, the star of 13 Reasons Why Christian Navarro who plays Tony Padilla is dropping cryptic hints on Bryce Walker death in Season 3.

The new teaser released by Netflix’s, which dropped over the weekend, revealed that Bryce Walker is death. Netflix teaser, making more suspense everyone wants to know who the killer and why?? Well, we will know the answer after August 23.

Therefore, 13 Reasons Why is just around the corner, and the star Christian Navarro latest Instagram post confusing the fans. Everyone theorizing what the change from his character black locks to blonde could mean. Although Navarro posted a photo on his Instagram account he shared a photo of himself sporting Platinum blonde hair and his caption helps to theorize that maybe Tony Padilla could be behind the unexpected death of Bryce’s.

source: daily express

Well, it will be fun to see who is behind Bryce death. But Navarro Instagram post drops a major hint on Bryce death. Does everyone thinks that maybe Tony Padilla is killer?? But let’s see what will be happened in the next. It will be heartening to see that who is being Bryce Walker death.

Although, Navarro Instagram post also helped to know that the show creator makes a last and final season of 13 Reasons why.

Therefore, 13 Reasons Why Season 3, is set to debut on Friday, August 23. There is no confirmed news but according to Navarro Instagram statement, Season 4 is the final season, does not yet have a premiere date, but season 4 will come soon, though it is expected to air in the year 2020, respectively.

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