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California Man Sentenced For 30 Years For Raping 13-Year-Old Minor 90 Times

A man from Southern California was sentenced Friday to 30 years of life in prison for years sex violence and rape of his girlfriend’s underage daughter, bringing his kid to life at 13, authorities said.

According to Riverside County Courts, Deon Austin Welch, 30, was convicted of 15 child rape charges in June for violence begun at 11.

This was an aggravated case in which the mother of the girl and the social workers of the county could not protect her.

In early 2016, the victim became pregnant and produced a kid with DNA that matched the defendant in November, reports KTLA. But prosecutors have said that in March 2014, her mom’s coworker Welch had gone into bed and touched her sexually.

The case was then referred to the Public Social Services department of the county and police started to investigate Hemet.

In June, the victim informed investigators that Welch had raped her in her apartment several times. However, her mom insisted on attending the subsequent medical examination and made it hard for employees to identify facts, which, according to a trial brief, meant that the test was not final.

Weeks later, the mom had an order of restraint against Welch, stating that he lived and could not return to Mexico. A short while later the defendant returned to the apartment and the rapes continued, officials said.

Prosecutors say the victim told a social worker that in October 2014 Welch was back home, but no social worker or mom did anything about it.

“The only choice remaining to the victim was to learn to acknowledge and survive the scenario,” says the trial brief. The social worker reportedly continued regular contact with the victim until 2016—including after she had become pregnant.

The police were called again when the mum brought her to Hemet Valley Medical Hospital in September 2016 and asked for an abortion.

When the policemen interviewed the girl again, she informed them that at least 90 times she was raped.

Welch was detained on 17 March 2017 months later.

He initially refused improper sexual contact with the victim during an original post-arrest interview. He later stated that at 2 a.m. he woke up. After the couch passed and she got on top of him, but he didn’t know whether they had sex, the court papers showed.

Welch allegedly admitted that he had sex with her several times in a subsequent interview but said he was “a kind of blackmailed.” He stated that he had been threatened by the victim saying, “If you don’t, I’m going to inform the mother that I’m not.”

The judge announced his life sentence Friday, the Desert Sun reported, Welch did not have any emotion.

In February 2018, the mother of the victim was charged with three felonies: child threats, perjury, and accessories for repeated child abuse. She was convicted to one-year imprisonment and a five-year suspended sentence of eight months.

Last August, after suing the agency for suspected breach of the State’s Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act, it was granted a $10 million in a settlement with DPSS.

This case is one of several cases that provoked anger at DPSS for failing to report and investigate allegations of child abuse and the agency’s director, Susan von Zabern, left her post in September 2018.

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