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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New ‘G.I. Joe Spinoff’ Movie

G I Joe spin-off movie is on the cards, and the fans of the franchise will soon be able to satiate their appetite of the live-action superhero movie. At least some of the soldiers are coming back to the screens in the new G I Joe movie. After the first few movies, people were not quite sure whether they would be able to see the superheroes on screen, but as it turns out, they would.

G I Joe was; first, a toy soldier manufactured by a company called Hasbro. Then Paramount took it and made it into a movie franchise. The first two movies of the franchise were G I Joe: Rise of the Cobra, which released in 2009 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which released in 2013.

The first movie, Rise Of The Cobra was largely disliked by critics, but people watched it mainly because of the nostalgia of the cartoons.

Source – Empire

In the new movie, Chuckles(a character played by Philip Provost) might enter the spectrum in a full-fledged way and take the universe of the franchise by storm. Chuckles specializes in undercover operations, and many a time has infiltrated many enemy operations. Rumors are rife that he might play a pivotal role in the upcoming spin-off.

Since the movie is in the initial stages, it’s tough to comment on the exact storyline, as the narrative can be molded according to the whims and fancies of the writers of the movie. o their credit, both Appelbaum and Nemec are viewed as competent storytellers who are able to reboot old franchises.

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