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Katherine Langford Won’t Be In 13 Reasons Why Season 3, But Her Upcoming Projects Might Fascinate You

Hannah Baker, Katherine Langford, has been reported to be absent in the next 13 Reasons Why season.

Of course, the protagonist was the core of the first season, and Hannah appeared several times during the follow-up season via the flashback device.

Long before, fans expected a similar treatment for the character during the 2019 series, with generally suggested that the spirit of Hannah was present as a way to give the series a supernatural twist that was circulated throughout the last year, although theories have now proved unfounded.

Nonetheless, Hannah’s tragedies occurred continuously during the season, with the showrunners saying: “The loss of Hannah continues to be the traumatic event for this group of children and relatives.

source: E! news

This is always a part of the tale, but I don’t see a tremendous continuous presence for Hannah, because I believe I required her to finish telling everyone else’s side of her story and so we needed her so that Clay could get to the point where she said, I love you and I’ll let you go.”

However, Langford’s failure to be attached to subsequent seasons was never a secret.

The actress was a guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live last year and spoke briefly about the future 13 reasons Why opportunities. While, season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is scheduled to be released in August, the lately dropped trailer will focus on Bryce Walker’s murder, and how the mystery around his shocking death will shape the conditions.

With the third season in hand, the focus has shifted from Hannah Baker to the effects of Tyler’s failed attempt at mass shooting and Bryce Walker’s murder–although the suicide of Hannah continues to motivate every character’s actions. We all look forward to what is on the horizon for the Liberty High teenagers, however.

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