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Matty Roberts, The Man Behind ‘Storm Area 51’ Event Gets A Visit From FBI

What else do you expect to occur when you are the world’s most private region behind a worldwide raid engagement?

Well, that’s what happened to Matty Roberts, who captured the imagination of the Internet with the viral Facebook event ‘ Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,’ which two thousand individuals signed up to participate and 1.5 million others logged in for their interest.

The jokes began to dry up when authorities answered their worries. Firstly, US Air Force spokesperson Laura McAndrews said:”[ Area 51] is open-air force training and we would prevent anyone from attempting to come to the region where we train American troops. The American Air Force is always prepared to safeguard America and its resources.”

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source: zero hedge

As millions of former participants arrived, Roberts was panicked when Facebook removed the event to violate its Community Standards. For an Area 51 festival, he had created a separate event, but couldn’t draw people to the other (more sensitive) alternative–fortunately, Facebook has restored the site.

Roberts works closely with local company owners to make sure the event is as secure as possible – but one thing he wishes to emphasize is that he is not there to make a profit.

Area 51 is the common name for a highly classified air force unit in Nevada, USA. Base data, whether it’s on UFOs or on the aliens themselves, are popular speculation.

The adjacent region is a block with hotel reservations, so camping can be your best choice if you plan for the festival.

Only time will say if especially eager (and moronic) alien hunters can attempt the impossible and simply head to Area 51.

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